Website Security Policy

This Website Privacy and Security Notice discloses the internet data collection policy and security procedures of this website,

Following details the personally identifiable information that is collected from Visitors, Users and Customers to this website, including what data is collected, how your data is used, and with whom it is shared, along with the options that are available to you regarding its use.


This website and all of the intellectual property and content associated with it, such as Copyrights and Trademarks, including the brands and the products that are listed for sale, are owned by Smart Publishing Ltd.  Smart Publishing Ltd. was incorporated in 2005 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

This website is a WordPress website, hosted by Siteground Web Hosting Services.

To contact Smart Publishing Ltd. about this website, including any problems, issues, glitches or broken links, please let us know using the Contact Form, or send an email to: with “Website” in the Subject line.


What Data Is Collected

As with every website, data and personal information is collected when you visit, interact with the website, or make a purchase, using “cookies” which are pieces of software code that is used to identify a visitor's browser, screen settings, and geolocation (see below) for currency, shipping options and rates, etc.  Some cookies do not contain any personal data, and some cookies are automatically discarded when you close your browser.

This website uses a typical set of WordPress and WooCommerece cookies which recognize you when you return as a User or Customer, so that you can leave comments and rate the products that you have purchased without the need to log-in each time with your Username and Password.  For Customers who make a Purchase, cookies keep track of your previous purchases, and your preferred currency and payment server.

Different sets of data are collected depending on how you interact with this website:

1.  Visitor:  As with every website, data and personal information is collected when you visit this website, including your IP address, internet browser and screen settings (desktop or mobile). Your geolocation (see below) is used to display product prices in your currency, along with shipping rates and options to your country.

2.  User:  For spam protection and website traffic analytics, you will need to register as a User of this website in order to:
- Comment on a blog, post, or other feature
- Personal Review leave a Star Rating for a product that you have purchased
To register you will be required to create a User Name and a Password. As a User your future comments will not be held by moderation or for spam protection. You may change your Password or delete your Profile at any time.

3.  Customer:  To make an electronic purchase (PDF, ePub, Audiobook etc.) from an email address is required, along with the order and payment details that are required by our third-party payment providers Stripe and Paypal (see Purchase Payments below).  Click here to learn about what information is collected during processing of Credit Card Payments.  To purchase and receive physical items such as printed Books, Mugs, T-shirts, etc. a physical mailing address is required, along with a phone number is required by the shipping company.


The internet and website security procedures and protocols for this website are kept up-to-date for the browser, including the current WordPress installation and Theme, along with all installed plug-ins.

How Long We Retain Your Data
Although our policy is to only store your digital information as long as we are legally required to keep it, all user and customer information, including comments, ratings, and purchases, will be retained as long as the website exists, or until we decide to archive the information; or until you ask to have your personal information removed - for more information, see UnSubscribe below.

Changing or Removing Your Data
Once registered, your Username cannot be changed, but you can change your log-in Password at any time, and edit or delete the personal information associated with your account.

Although we cannot delete any Customer data that we are obligated to keep such as the sales information from your purchases for tax, administrative, and other legal reasons, you can at any time request that we delete information that you have added to the website as a User, such as your comments and ratings, by sending an input removal request through the Contact Page with "remove" or "unsubscribe" in the Subject line.


Other Users of Your Data

Linked Websites
This website contains links to affiliated websites which are also owned and administered by Smart Publishing Ltd., including, and


Sharing Data with Third Parties
This website contains links to a few select third-party websites (that open in a new tab), including and  As every website independently collects information about its visitors we are not responsible for the content of any third-party websites to which this website is linked, nor for any of the personally identifiable information and data that they may collect when you visit them, and you are encouraged to be aware of the internet privacy statements of all third-party websites.

Only information and digital data necessary to provide the services of this website, identify traffic to and from this website, facilitate payments for purchase and delivery of products, enhance the user experience, and aggregate demographic information used for analytical purposes, is shared with any third party websites through WordPress and its authorized plug-ins.  Neither WordPress nor Woocommerce will ever contact you for any reason.  For more information see Linked Websites above.

Beyond providing use of the website to you as a User or Customer, we do not store, use, or share your personally identifiable digital or other information for any secondary reason or purpose, and we do not sell or otherwise disclose your personal data or information to a third party for any reason; the possible exception being if required to by a valid Canadian or International Law, legal request or demand.


This site uses Web-API through the “Multi Currency for WooCommerce” plugin to identify your IP address and geographic location in order to display where possible pricing in the currency of your country, and to calculate shipping rates to your location.  This data is not collected if you have your geolocation tracking turned off.


Contact Forms
The Contact Form, Feedback Form, Copyright Permission Request Form and all other Forms generated from this website are only handled by internal email accounts provided by our web host provider, Siteground.



In order to purchase a product from you must register with your name and address, including an email address, and a phone number is also required for delivery of physical items such as Books, Mugs, T-shirts, etc.

All purchases made through this website use the Woocommerce Shopping Store Platform for WordPress.  Woocommerce will collect and store information relating to your purchases from this website to recognize you as a customer, and to generate sales orders and analytical reports.  Neither WordPress nor Woocommerce will ever contact you for any reason.  For more information on Credit Card Purchases, see below.

A Customer’s information will be used to:

  • Set up your account to purchase from our Store
  • Facilitate Payment processing and prevent fraud
  • Send you information about your order and account status
  • Respond to your requests
  • Comply with any legal obligations


Purchase Payments - In order to complete your payment when you make a purchase we share necessary personal data and order information with Stripe or PayPal, who will open a payment gateway for you to enter your payment account or credit card information.  We do not see or have access to your financial or payment information.


Credit Card Purchases
The Stripe Payment Portal of the WooCommerce shopping platform is the primary method used by this website to collect payments.  The Stripe Internet Privacy Policy can be viewed here.  Payments are also accepted through PayPal, whose Internet Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

In order to process a payment for a purchase, your order and shipping information are sent to Stripe or PayPal who will open a secure payment portal where you will enter your payment and/or Credit Card information.  We do not see or have access to your payment, credit card, or other financial information.

If there is any issue with a payment for a purchase, or with a refund for an order that we cannot quickly resolve with you as our customer, then you can seek a resolution from your credit card provider.


Delivery / Shipping Partners - In order to complete the delivery of physical items information such as your geographic location and physical delivery address is shared with our shipping partners, which may include the Postal system (UPS / Canada Post etc.), Amazon Delivery, IngramSpark, Purolator Worldwide, and others, or the carrier that you specify (with your account #).


Updates, Promotions, Surveys & Contests

In addition to contacting you by email to inform you of an issue with your purchase or delivery of your item, we may contact you in the future via email to inform you about new products, announce a promotion, sale or special, or to conduct a Survey or Contest.  Any contact or promotional Email will only ever be from this website,

UnSubscribe - To opt out of receiving all future emails please use the Contact Form with “Unsubscribe” or “Remove” in the Subject field.


Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about our internet safety and website security protocols as listed above, please let us know through the Contact Form, or by sending an email to: