THE RED LETTER GOSPEL is the name of the red letter edition of The Synoptic Gospel, which is a word-for-word unified harmony of the texts of the four Gospel that is reprinted from the fifth column of the FIVE COLUMN four Gospel Harmony and word-for-word Merger.

The Red Letter Gospel displays all of the events from the entire unified Gospel story in chronological order, and all of the words, teachings, sayings, and parables of Jesus Christ are shown in bright red letters, making it easy to see everything that He said and taught, which is the heart of the Gospel message.

The unified text of The Red Letter Gospel is:

22% shorter to read (compared to the four Gospels)
all of the Gospel events are presented in chronological order
* dates and locations provided for each Scene
* includes Maps of Israel and Jerusalem

With all of the events from the four Gospel accounts and sayings of Jesus Christ arranged according to a consistent chronological timeline, the resulting complete narrative retains all of the details from each of the four Gospel accounts while removing the duplication between the sets of parallel verses to produce a unified story is 22% shorter to read, and very easy to follow and understand.

This Gospel story is divided into Chapters and Acts, with 360 Scenes of action, so that you can read or study one Scene a day to know the full Gospel story of the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ in a year!

Listen to the Audiobook (The Synoptic Gospel) and hear the entire Gospel Story in less than seven hours!

As the most complete, accurate, and easy to read, unified Gospel account that has ever been compiled, this is the only book that you need to easily see all of the life-giving Words and Teachings of Jesus Christ!

Amazingly, almost half of the unified Gospel story are the Words of Jesus Christ, and the The Red Letter Gospel is nearly 48% red letters - making it easy to see everything that Jesus Himself said and taught, as recorded within The Gospels. To read the full article, "How Many Words of Jesus Christ are Red?", click here.




Sample Scenes

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The Red Letter Gospel - Scene 674 - Permit the Children to Come to Me

The Red Letter Gospel - Scene 481 - Jesus Calms the Stormy Sea

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* Notes from the Book
* Information about FIVE COLUMN and The Synoptic Gospel
* Gospel Verse Cross-Reference - shows the sets of parallel verses
* Copyrights and Permissions - to Use and to Quote

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Customer Testimonials:

"This book is great!  I don’t know what else to say!  Everyone should read this thing!  I really appreciate the words of our Lord Jesus in red!  It’s like His precious blood is spilled out on the pages for all time!



Dr. Dale C.
Corvallis, OR - USA



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